Lucrative Stories
A Story Workshop by Sean Stephenson
Better Stories = More Bookings = More Money
When it comes to professional speaking, your stories are your greatest asset.

Your stories are what will get you booked for keynotes and booked in the media. 

Your stories are what differentiate you from all the other people on the planet.

There's only ONE story like yours.
Only one set of past experiences, pains, heartaches, joys, and lessons that you've learned.

If you can learn to craft your stories, you can
separate yourself from the crowd...

What's more important than your story is how you tell it!

"Being a three-foot tall guy in a wheelchair, who's had more than 200 bone fractures... That is a part of my story.
But it's how I've positioned it to use different aspects on stage that captivates people and that gets people to pay me tens of thousands of dollars for a keynote...
To retell the same stories that I've been telling for decades.  I tell a story about being trapped in an elevator.  Now, anyone can get trapped in an elevator, but it's not the story that matters... ​​​​It's the way you tell your story."

You'll learn the tools Sean uses to craft his stories -- tools that have generated over a million dollars in keynote revenue.

Over the last four years, Sean has coached dozens of students to transform their stories.  People have flown in from around the globe to work with Sean in his intensive "Keynote Creation" day.  Now, the Lucrative Stories workshop brings his expertise to a wider audience.

Whether you're looking to craft your story for a stage or a sales page, Sean will help you woo your audience.  After all, being a great story teller is an essential part of marketing and sales.
A Word from Sean...
"When I look at all the aspects in the business of being a professional speaker, the most important thing that gets you booked the most and makes the most money is having a compelling story. Of everything I've done...  even when I didn't have the best website or the best sales tools, at the end of the day, I had the best stories. That's why I get repeat bookings from the same clients, year after year after year.

"It's why I'm able to be trusted in front of audiences of 10,000 to 20,000 people. It's why people don't blink when they say, 'You need to have Sean at your event,' because they know that my stories are going to make people laugh, make people cry, and make people rethink their lives. And if you can associate those stories to an offer from the event host, you can help them make a lot of money, which then gets you re-booked at their events.

"There's no doubt in my mind that the people who bring me back to their conferences every year do so because my stories compel people to feel incredible emotion. When people feel incredible amounts of emotion, they spend money and they believe in themselves and they take action."

“At first, I didn’t think I had a great story, but when I told Sean the gist of it, he told it back to me and had me in tears. Somehow he was able to take my experience and transform it into a powerful story. I’ve since gone on to use that story to book multiple speaking engagements.”

~​​​​ Brad Costanzo, Costanzo Marketing Group
February 3-4, 2018
Scottsdale, Arizona

Lucrative Stories
Sean Stephenson
20+ Years as a Professional Speaker
Learn from the master at his upcoming workshop.
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Sean will show you...
How to differentiate yourself from other speakers in your industry
How to add humor and emotion to your story in just the right places to make your audience swoon
How to make your story relatable so you get repeat bookings
How to determine which stories are the most lucrative assets in your speaking career
Warning: Space is extremely limited for this LIVE training. Make sure to register soon to reserve your spot.
This workshop will not be recorded.
Is this for me?
Lucrative Stories helps individuals who either...
     • Know what their story is, but need to make it more intriguing, and more beneficial to be lucrative, or...
     • Doesn't know what their story is or doesn't feel like they have a story, but they know they have an interesting life.
In both cases, this workshop will help you put your stories into spoken word.

What if I don't know what my story is?
Sean will walk you through an interview process to pull out the specific elements of your story.  As he says, "If you have a heartbeat and have gone through life, then you have compelling stories. You just have to learn how to tell them in a compelling way."

What is the schedule?
Saturday, February 3rd:  9am - 6pm
Sunday, February 4th:  9am - 12pm (noon)

Where is the workshop held?
Scottsdale, Arizona.  Location details will be sent to you following your registration along with lodging recommendations.

Will the workshop be live-streamed?
Due to the intimate nature of personal stories, this event will not be streamed or recorded.

What is my investment?

Lucrative Stories workshop:  $2997
The Early Bird rate (available now through December 23rd) is $2497.
There is also a payment plan available now through December 29th if you'd like to split your payments into two (one today and one automatically drawn from your account 30 days from today).

What is included in the cost?
Your investment includes your registration fee, a pre-workshop webinar with Sean, and lunch on Saturday.  Travel, lodging and other accommodations are not included.

What is the refund policy?

100% money back up to 30 days prior to the event minus a $50 admin fee. After that, it’s 50% refundable until 14 days prior, at which point no refunds will be processed. You may transfer your registration to another guest or put it toward a future event.
But let’s be honest… You’re not going to want to miss this!  ;-)

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